Sterling Fordite Necklace - Detroit Agate Statement Pendant


This sterling fordite necklace is created on a solid sterling silver back and set in a fine silver bezel, with a colorful piece of authentic, 1950s Fordite (also known as Detroit agate) which measures 36 x 17 mm at its longest and widest points. This is a bold and beautiful statement necklace that would be a stunning addition to any collection! The fordite is set to show off its expertly polished striations of colorful paint layers or red, black, white and silver. The back has had a 1957 Ford Thunderbird emblem added just for fun and interest. The accent stamping on the emblem and front have been oxidized, then the pendant buffed to a mirror shine. From bail to bottom, the entire pendant measures 2 1/8 x 1 1/16 inches. Necklace is available as a pendant only or with a rolo style sterling silver chain 16 - 24" total length, and is finished with a sterling lobster claw clasp; price varies by chain length.

*Fordite also is known as Detroit or Motor Agate was created many years ago at the Ford Rouge Plant, near Detroit, Michigan. Fordite is a modern recycled fossil. It's layers and layers of automotive paint overspray from US auto factories that has been cut an polished the same way gemstones are.
Layer upon layer, paint over-spray built up on metal racks that transported new car bodies through the paint shop, and into the oven, where each coat was baked hard.
Over time, the paint over spray would accumulate on the rails.
The built up required workers to remove the accumulated paint from time to time to avoid mechanical failure of the system. Some of the workers got the idea of taking this material home to cut and polish for jewelry.
And Fordite was born!

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Your necklace will be packaged suitable for gift giving. I include a square of Sunshine polishing cloth and a drawstring pouch for storage.

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