Sterling Fold Formed Cuff Bracelet - Two Textures Hammered Cuff


 A wide sterling fold formed cuff bracelet that started as a flat sheet of silver, then was shaped with folding in a vise, opening, hammering and texturing. The two textures on this hammered statement cuff was done with two different tools and designed to show a big contrast. Each step of making this cuff has a heating process to soften the metal to allow me to be able to fold and form the shape and textures. It's a long process but so much fun to see it develop into a unique piece of jewelry. Half of the cuff is hammer textured, the other half is sparkled with a pave diamond look. Shown as polished but the cuff can be oxidized for a more antique look or finished brushed satin for a matte low light finish. The edges are filed and smoothed for comfort.

I use a heavier sterling sheet to start than many who use this technique, but the cuff is still light in weight and comfortable. The folding and unfolding process is much too difficult to accomplish with anything much heavier without machine assistance. This cuff is entirely made by hand.

Measurements: 6 inch wearing area, adjustable 1 inch opening, 2.5 inch inside diameter
1 1/8 inches wide.
Size: Sized to fit a woman's medium- large wrist up to 6.75 inches but the opening can be adjusted slightly to accommodate smaller or larger wrists or the cuff can be cut down to fit a smaller wrist.
Material: .6 mm thickness
Finish: Polished pictured, oxidized and brushed/matte choices

To measure your cuff size, use a soft measuring tape around your wrist over the wrist bone, make it snug but not too tight. Subtract one inch for the opening, this will give you a comfortable fit. If you like your cuffs loose and to slide on your arm a bit, order the larger size. Cuff is flexible and opening can be squeezed closed a bit

Last photo shows the cuff for worn for width reference

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