Sonoran Sunrise Cuff Bracelet - Etched Pattern Cuff


Beautiful hand fabricated sterling Sonoran sunrise cuff on a whimsical etched pattern solid sterling bracelet. This is a true statement cuff featuring a vivid colored piece of Sonoran Sunrise aka Sonoran Sunset with an awesome pattern of red and black against a medium aqua blue. The etched pattern is a garden of suggested flowers and leaves. The hand stamped design around the cuff has been done with handmade chasing tools and a gray patina added the entire cuff to highlight the design. The cuff design pattern is subtle, someone will have to be close to see the detail! A true statement cuff a little bit southwest and a lot of boho style.

This statement piece bracelet is an attention getter. The stone is a rare Sonoran Sunrise stone from Mexico. The mine where Sonoran Sunrise is found has been shut down making Sonoran Sunrise harder and harder to find. The three colors of this stone are beautifully represented in this piece.

Stone: Sonoran Sunrise aka Sunset 35 x 25 mm before setting
Setting: Sterling back and fine silver bezel, 1.5 x 1 .75 inches
Cuff: Etched sterling 6 inches, 1 mm thick/18 gauge, will fit a 7 inch wrist. Can be cut down to fit a smaller wrist. Opening is approx. 1-1 1/8 wide and can be made wider to fit a larger wrist
Inside diameter: 2.25
Weight: 55 grams

About the Stone:
Sonora Sunset, also called Sonora Sunrise or Sonoran Sunrise (both are accepted), is Cuprite and Chrysocolla joined in a single stone. Chrystocolla is the bright green, even turquoise or sky-blue in some samples, and cuprite the tomato-red.

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I see this cuff worn everywhere! From elegant attire, classic career wear and as a great accessory for a weekend getaway with casual wear or evening wear. Wear it to work and let everyone just oh and ah!

Your cuff will come boxed suitable for gift giving. With each piece of jewelry I include a drawstring pouch, cuff war instructions and a Sunshine polishing square to keep your jewelry looking fresh and new.

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