Skinny Sterling Bangle - All Pattern Bangle Bracelet -Square Edge Bangle


This skinny stacking bangle has a 4 sided pattern pattern of fine leaf like flourishes. This bangle has a pattern on all four sides making it the perfect bangle to layer with others and is both casual and elegant enough to go with anything stacked for a boho look or alone as a lovely accent. I show this bangle oxidized to show the terrific pattern but last photo does show it before oxidation if your prefer shiny. The bangle is 2.2 mm wide by 2.2 mm square recycled wire stock. This bangle can be made oval or round in shape.

Stacking bangle bracelets just never go out of fashion! Remember, bangle size is not the length of a bracelet with a clasp, please measure carefully as the bangle must go over your hand. See How to Measure below!

Because this bangle has a pattern, there will be a break in the pattern where I have cut to size. Be assured, I have used my tools to hide the break and make it all a smooth transition

Choose the oval shape if you have a wide hand or swollen joints, this shape is much easier to get over your hand!

Please order carefully, this bangle cannot be re-sized up. Measure the inside diameter of a current bangle that fits or use a soft tape to measure around the widest part of your hand with the thumb and pinkie squeezed together which gives me a close estimate of inside circumference.

Bangle sizes (inside diameters are approximate)
Small - 2.25" diameter - 8"circumference
Medium - 2.5" diameter - 8 1/4 circumference (standard, most common)
Large - 2.75" diameter - 8 3/4"circumference

Small - 2 1/8 x 2 1/2
Medium - 2 3/8 x 2 5/8
Large - 2 3/8 x 2 3/4

You can check out my full line of bangle bracelets by clicking this link:

Measuring yourself: Touch your thumb tip to your pinkie tip, use a a soft measuring tape to snuggly measure around the widest part of your hand, usually over the knuckles. Use this measurement to get close to the sizes listed. Bangles are meant to slide on and move on your wrist, this measurement will determine the inside circumference needed for a comfortable fit!

Your bangle will come packaged in a box suitable for gift giving. I provide an organza drawstring storage pouch, jewelry care instructions, a square of Sunshine polishing cloth and a plastic bag with anti tarnish material to store your bangle when not being worn.

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