Policies and Jewelry FAQs

Returns Refunds and Exchanges:

All of my jewelry is hand made at the time of order unless it is listed as a one of a kind "ready to ship" item. I want every customer to be happy with their purchase and I will guarantee 100% satisfaction to make sure you get what you order; if it isn't what you ordered, I will make it right at no charge to you. All one of a kind items are 100% refundable minus shipping charges if I am notified within 3 days of receipt and the return is received within 14 days of notice of your intent to return in original unworn condition in the same packaging it was sent. Refunds will be credited back to your method of payment within 24 hours of receipt. Items damaged in shipping due to poor packaging are not eligible for a full refund so please package well and insure. Returns after 14 days will have a restocking fee of 30%.

Custom Made to Order Jewelry

In order for me to continue offering custom services, custom made to order jewelry is not usually refundable.  Ordering custom jewelry is no different than any other custom product- you choose everything the way you want and I make it, so please understand, this is not something I will be able to resell easily and each piece takes my time and materials to create.  I have selected items as a "sample" which may be ordered for you to see the stone size on your hand, color of gold to match a current item etc. Don't hesitate to ask if one is available if you are unsure of a final purchase decision. These samples will not necessarily be the exact stone you want or your size. Shipping costs back and forth are the responsibility of the customer. 

Any returns are at my discretion and all jewelry in my shop with alterations such as stone color choice and size in sterling will have a 20% restocking fee if accepted for "change of heart" or other reason not related to the quality. All gold and items with diamonds or set stones, if accepted for return will have a 30% restocking fee. All items made from the customers design, or a combination of changes which significantly alter one of my designs is non refundable. Please ask all questions before ordering so we are both in agreement as to what you want and what the limitations are regarding returns.

There are no returns for any personalized hand stamped or hand engraved items unless there is an error in transcribing.

Earrings without changeable ear wires or set gemstones (like gemstone studs) are not refundable. Restocking fees will apply to solid gold continuous hoops with no set stones as noted above.

Exchanges are done on an individual basis, stone colors or sizes may be exchanged but there may be additional charges depending on the exchange. Bangles, cuffs and sterling band rings may be exchanged for a different size waiving any charges as long as there are no set stones in the item and material is available. Exchanges are done for an item of equal or higher value only. Exchanges for larger sizes, especially in gold will have additional charges to cover materials.


Please have a current accurate size done by a professional jeweler before ordering. Do not use string or paper sizers printed from the internet as they are proven to be inaccurate. I only re-size rings which I have made. I offer complementary re-size for your ring up to 30 days after it has been received. After 30 days all re-size requests will have charges for that service and any additional materials cost.

Rings in sterling, if I am able to re-size, will be done at no charge. Gold will be re-sized down for free, up will incur charges for the additional material needed. If more than 1/2 size, a new ring will need to be made, charges will apply with some allowance made for the previously ordered wrong size. Not all designs or stones are able to be re-sized, please ask before purchase.

Return postage is the responsibility of the customer unless there has been an error in your order. 

Billing and Payment:

Billing and credit card payments are handled through a secure server through Shopify which is the platform I use as my webmaster. Many forms of payment are accepted but if you run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact me for assistance with checkout and payment. Any issues with payments or refunds, please contact me directly using the contact us form on my website so I may help resolve any problems.


All items ship via USPS with a tracking number. Express shipping will have signature required and for orders over $400

Any items reported as not delivered should be accompanied by a post office report file # so that I may track the inquiry as many items are left with a neighbor or can be found by the carrier. I will replace any items I can that have been lost after the post office closes the inquiry and verifies the item not delivered or when my insurance claim has been resolved which can take up to 30 days. Claims of damage i shipping must be accompanied by a photograph of the damaged article and packaging so I may file an insurance claim to cover the loss and replace your item.

Please note: I photograph all items at time of packaging including the shipping label to prove multiple items are included when ordered - e.g. 2 gift boxes in one shipping mailer. A claim of not receiving an item I sent requires a police report for mail tampering and a claim at the post office so that I may file an insurance claim before I will resend.

For all communication please send questions to Pennee through my contact here or at: ppennee@gmail.com

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions about your order, shipping upgrades, to design a special piece for yourself, a friend or even your bridal party. Custom requests are welcome and I respond as quickly as possible to all questions. For any phone consults or calls about your order, I am on the east coast so please be aware of times differences when calling. I am available Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM - 4 PM. Calls outside these times, leave a message and I will return your call the next business day.

 Ring Sizes and International Conversion to US sizes

I ship worldwide to my customers. Sometimes there is a question about converting a UK or other countries ring size to my US sizes. Paper strips and string measurements are very unreliable. The best way to get your size is to be measured by a jeweler especially when ordering a wide band ring 5 mm and up.


Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish- it contains copper and over time it will oxidize. Lotions, fragrances and household chemicals for cleaning can speed this process. Please remember that sterling is like any other fine jewelry and to remove it when doing chores, playing sports, working out and especially swimming in chlorinated pools. I enclose a small square of polishing cloth to refresh the shine before wearing. I offer a low tarnish sterling alternative for many ring bands.

Palladium and palladium white gold alloys are available for those with nickel sensitivities. Palladium is a precious metal in the platinum family.

Do not clean your jewelry with toothpaste or other abrasives, this can scratch the surface, Warm soap and water and a soft cloth to dry will restore the shine to most pieces unless severely tarnished. Use the square of sunshine polishing cloth I include with all polished sterling and gold to refresh before wearing.

Soft gemstones and natural stones: For those who love beautiful stone jewelry, please ask about the hardness of a stone you love before deciding how you will wear it in a design. Diamond is the hardest gem with a mohs hardness of 10, everything else is less- rubies and sapphires are a 9, many of your favorite birthstones are a 7.5-8, still great for any design including rings. Once a stone is rated mohs less than 7, it may be too soft for a ring or bracelet design unless you are very careful during wear. I hope you find this useful. http://www.gemselect.com/gem-info/gem-hardness-info.php

Gold is a hard metal and I offer selections in 14k ,18k and 22k gold. Some of my diamonds and gemstones are set with 22k which is soft, but quite durable when worn with care. Please clean as above and use the polishing cloth provided to restore a bright shine.

I now offer ring designs in the highly desirable nickel free palladium sterling and palladium white gold. The palladium alloy contains no nickle so is a great choice for those who love white metal but have sensitivity to nickle. Palladium is in the platinum family and is hypoallergenic.

What is Comfort Fit and do I need it?

When gold prices skyrocketed years ago, rings got very thin to keep costs down but they were so thin they cut into fingers. Jewelers began to roll or round the edges for "comfort". Today comfort fit wedding bands are crafted using extra metal to make the inside of the band slightly domed, resulting in a very comfortable fit.  Comfort-fit bands are recommended for wide bands over 5 mm and men, because they are easier to squeeze over a large knuckle when putting your ring on or taking it off. Since rings made in "true" comfort fit with a convex center are heavier, they do cost more. If you don't have large knuckles or are on a budget, my regular flat and half round bands do have rolled edges and are contoured for a very comfortable to wear but if you need a comfort fit band, just ask if you don't see it in my shop- they are available in all styles I offer.

Pearl Jewelry

• The best way to clean pearls is with a soft, damp cloth, ideally after each time they are worn.
• Pearls should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. Warm soapy water is safe, assuming the nacre is in good condition. Make sure strung pearls are completely dry before wearing.
• Store pearls separately from gemstones and metal jewelry, which may scratch their surface.
• Always apply perfume, hair products and cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewelry.
• A good rule of thumb is: when dressing, pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles are a solid circle or oval, they are not meant to fit close or tight to the wrist unless it is an open latching design. Since bangles must be able to go over your hand, follow my measuring directions for an accurate fit. Do not use the measurement of your wrist or of a latching bracelet to determine size. Do use my directions or measure the inside diameter of a current bangle that fits!

Cuffs- measure your wrist circumference with a soft measuring tape. Measure the wrist, snug but not tight,  where you want to wear the cuff, remembering that the metal is heavy and will drop down toward your hand. Subtract about 1 inch for the cuff opening and that will be your bast size for a good fit.

Many cuffs and bangles can be exchanged but any with flush set stones or a set stone component may have charges. Changes to the arc of a bracelet can cause stones to loosen in their setting so that the stones need to be completely re-set