How to Put on a Cuff Bracelet

How to Wear a Cuff Bracelet! August 31 2016

Anyone can latch a bracelet and it fits right? Sure, but what about a cuff? Can you get it on and have it keep it's shape? Not hurt going on or coming off? This littl trick will keep all your cuffs in shape and looking great for a long time to come! Plus, I include a polishing cloth to brighten up your cuff before every wear!

A cuff bracelet is one that does not close on the wrist but simply rests on the wrist with a gap or open area on the inside of the wrist. Unlike bangles (closed circles) cuff bracelets are worn low on the wrist bone rather than pushed up the forearm. Hold the cuff like a C in your opposite hand with the opening facing the arm your are going to wear it on. You want to find the soft area on the inside of your arm about 1 – 1.5 inches above your wrist- between the 2 bones in your wrist. Gently roll the end of the bracelet over the arm from the thumb side. DO NOT hook the cuff on the outside of the wrist and pull it over the top of the wrist. This actually pulls the cuff out of shape and loosens the stones. In time, you could break the cuff due to metal fatigue. Always start on the inside of your wrist. Cuffs usually only need to be adjusted once and not bent each time.

To remove the cuff, reverse the above and roll it right off your wrist!